The wheat bags are handmade, from the design, cut, confection and filling, to give it a personal and special touch that will make your thermal pillow unique and quality.

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

Both the inner and outer covers are made of 100% cotton fabric, natural and resistant fiber that makes a noticeable difference in quality.

Wheat & Lavender

Wheat & Lavender

The products we use in our wheat bags and lavender flowers come from environmentally responsible crops, respecting natural cycles and the soil.

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F.A.Q: Questions and answers about heating pad for microwave


How are thermal wheat bags used to treat pain?

1) Choose cold or heat therapy

Choose cold or heat therapy

For heat therapy, heat the wheat bag in the microwave for the average time indicated in its description and let it cool in the freezer for two hours.

2) Place it in the area to be treated

Place it in the area to be treated

Place the wheat bag on the area you want to treat, choose between the different models with anatomical shape to better fit each area of the body.

3) Enjoy relief and wellbeing

Enjoy relief and wellbeing

Our wheat bags for microwave keep the temperature very well, and the treatment is almost immediate, faster than chemical painkillers. In a few minutes you’ll have forgotten the pain.

What are wheat bags for microwave heating?

Thermal pillows for microwave contain aromatic plants, which serve as analgesics and natural anti-inflammatory agents. They also improve blood circulation, helping to speed up recovery. All this in a simple way and without side effects, except to improve mood.

This analgesic effect is scientifically proven, and as a great summary, tell you that by applying heat to our body at 40ºC or more, the heat receptors are activated, which in turn, inhibit the pain receptors. If you also accompany this with the soft and pleasant scent of lavender, your mood will improve much faster.

The uses of a bag of wheat is much longer, when it’s very cold, you’ll want a heating pad to go with you to bed, and when you get home with cold feet too. Below we give you a few ideas of the applications that can have wheat bags and lavender flowers handmade.

The products of Saquitos Térmicos 10 are made by hand with 100% cotton fabric, which makes them totally safe to heat by microwave, since this natural fiber is very resistant, besides being free of possible allergies.

Los productos de Saquitos Térmicos 10 están fabricados a mano en tela de algodón 100%, lo cual los hace totalmente seguros al calentamiento mediante microondas, ya que esta fibra natural es muy resistente además de estar libre de posibles alergias.

What applications do microwave wheaty bags have?

Heat Therapies

Heat Therapies

Cervical pain

If you spend hours in front of the computer or books and do not maintain a good posture, the cervicals feel resentful and produce pain, applying the heating pad over the cervical area, the muscle relaxes and the pain disappears.


To treat pain it is recommended to apply dry heat, the wheat bags are ideal for this need, the supply of heat directly in a localized area, makes the blood flow better and this helps reduce inflammation and pain.

Low back pain

Applying heat by means of the wheat thermal bag, the muscle relaxes, more blood reaches the area that allows to reduce inflammation and annulling the pain receptors, therefore, it is also highly recommended and useful to use them in low back pain.

Joint pain

Because of osteoarthritis or arthritis, the joints become stiff and cause severe pain. The application of heat reduces pain and improves the circulation of the area, avoiding certain aggressive drug intake.


When doing intense physical activity or a bad gesture, small muscle contractures can occur that can be very painful and annoying. Applying heat with the hot wheat bag makes the muscle relax and relieves pain.

Colic and gas

Heat mainly acts by inhibiting pain receptors, but it also makes the blood flow better, thus helping to dissipate the airs and therefore, the swelling and discomfort caused by colic and gas, especially in babies.

Menstrual pain

By applying heat to the area of the ovaries or kidneys, blood circulates better and pain receptors are removed. The thermal pillow is an excellent choice to remedy the pains of ruler, others regulate the body temperature.


Before giving a relaxing massage, it is very convenient to warm the area to be treated, so you should apply the heating pad for microwave for at least 10 minutes prior to massage to relax the muscles, warm them and thus be able to achieve greater pleasure.

Cold Therapies

Cold Therapies


To reduce swelling after a blow, contusion or due to muscle wasting, wheat pads are a great option, you have to place it in the sore area for 15 minutes and you will notice how the swelling recedes.

Lower fever

To treat febrile processes in well known that cold is a good complementary remedy, place the wheat bag hot on the forehead and you will see its effect in a few minutes, it is not an aggressive cold and its anatomical design allows to place it on the face.

Tired feet

After a long day or a prolonged physical activity, our feet may be sore, for this a cold wheaty bags and slightly tilting the legs upward will cause the swelling of our feet to relax and relieve the pain.


Place the cold wheat pad right on the back of your neck and you’ll notice how the blood flows better into your head and automatically the pains and headaches will ease and make us feel better thanks to this cold treatment.

What are the therapeutic benefits of microwave wheat bags?

In Saquitos Térmicos 10 we believe that the maximum benefit is the fast and natural analgesic effect that these wheat bags produce. While synthetic pain relievers need at least one hour to take effect, the heating pads in just 10 minutes will have eliminated the pain and no side effects.

The best thing about this is that it is accompanied by lavender flowers, the queen of aromatherapy, which contains in its flowers an essential oil used to calm and relax. The essential oil, being volatile, makes it easy to inhale and we can benefit from its aroma and active ingredients.

Thanks to the care in every detail in the manufacturing process, we obtain a product of maximum quality, handmade and durable, so that we can enjoy it for years and thousands of times.

In addition, for the high security that they present, they will be able to benefit from the properties of the wheat bags all members of the family and at any time, to go to sleep, to calm allergy sinusitis, to provide body heat in colds or flu.

These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy, but there are sure to be many more when you use it. If you add lavender or chamomile aromatherapy to the benefits of heat, this product becomes the number one in every household. These two aromatic herbs, with their essential oil of soft and pleasant aroma, will help us to improve the mood and to relax.

The thermal pillow is the ideal complement to our daily life, avoiding the use of aggressive chemical drugs, as long as they are not completely necessary. They are so safe that we can use them to sleep warm and put them inside our bed, even in the baby’s crib without running any risk as long as we respect the right temperature.

With these wheat and aromatic plant cushions we guarantee total comfort at any time of the day, even at work, provided you have a microwave nearby to heat them or a freezer for use with cold therapy.

Can you wash the thermal pillows?

Of course they can be washed, all our designs have two covers, one inside and the other outside, so that you can easily wash the outer cover without fear of wetting the seeds and flowers inside, simply by removing the outer cover you will always have clean and ready to use.

Being 100% cotton fabric does not have much difficulty to wash it, because it is a natural fiber, easy to treat and very resistant, both by hand and machine. You can choose between hot or cold water when washing the sleeve, but if the temperature you use is too high (more than 60º) it can lose color and shrink a little.

Why and where to buy handmade wheaty bags?

The reason why it is simple, good, beautiful and cheap, plus it has a very long half-life. Being a totally natural, handmade and handmade product, you can quickly relieve your ailments by freeing your body of toxic chemicals and analgesics while giving your body a feeling of well-being whenever and wherever you want.

By buying our products you are supporting fair trade, farmers and workers with decent working conditions, free of exploitation and child labour. You will also contribute to social and environmental projects, betting on a better world.

You have the guarantee that these products are made with top quality raw materials. In Saquitos Térmicos 10 we take care of every detail, from the selection of seeds, aromatic plants and 100% cotton fabric, to the preparation and filling artisanally to ensure that each bag or pad of wheat keeps every detail to improve our health and well-being.

In addition, these are very safe, unlike other products used to provide heat or cold, these are presented as the safest alternative since you will not have to worry about boiling water leaks or electrical accidents as happens in the case of the use of hot water bottles or electric blankets.

Opinions about Saquitos Térmicos 10


Ivana - Saquitos Térmicos 10I had many back problems due to long hours in front of the computer, my partner gave me the thermal girdle and another smaller model to support the wrist while working with the computer mouse and the improvement was instantaneous, the pains disappeared and the smell of sweet chamomile is very pleasant, I recommend it.



Arthur - Saquitos Térmicos 10
I have always been very skeptical about natural therapies, from time to time I had muscular pains and contractures due to sport, I knew this product and it was a discovery, I forgot the anti-inflammatory and what is better, pains.



Sampa - Saquitos Térmicos 10My baby always suffered from colic and gas, a friend recommended these little heating pads that work very well in these cases and I decided to use them and… surprise! we did great! the gentle natural heat soothes these annoying pains, thank you very much.



Theresa - Saquitos Térmicos 10I love the feeling of warmth in my neck, as soon as I put on the wheat bag, the pain automatically diminishes and even disappears. I like the touch of the cotton fabric and its softness, plus the smell of lavender is incredible, I am very happy.


You should not stop talking to your doctor about any of the conditions you have and call on your physiotherapist to completely eliminate the contractures.

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